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SHALMIAK by Sari Ahokainen

SHALMIAK is a brand created by Finnish designer Sari Ahokainen. Sari has designed fabrics for many years - both for a bunch of companies worldwide and for her own fabric collection. leads the way to her latest creative journey.

SHALMIAK is very excited to offer both old and new designs through as fabrics, readymade garments and a lot of other fun stuff!

All products are made upon order so there will be no waste! Our production partners are from Croatia, Latvia and other European countries. If you need more information about our products just let us know. We may not always reach 100% perfection in everything but we are honest and open about our production chain - about its advantages and places for improvement.

We hope you enjoy your visit at!

CASPAR Create logo

Our production partners

*Caspar Create is a microfactory
based in Croatia with a mission
to create fashion hand in hand
with sustainability.

All materials come from sustainable sources and are printed with eco-friendly dyes. All products are made on demand creating no waste. Caspar supports slow fashion and makes products that last longer.

Caspar is our production partner in fabrics and some readymade garments.



We also work with Printful on many fabulous dresses, pants and more. All our products (if not otherwise mentioned) are shipped directly from the producers to you to minimize shipments.