From end to start - story 6

In 2019 I had to admit that it wasn't worth to force it anymore. I had tried my absolutely best but I couldn't make things work within the fabric business. Most of all I had lost my passion for designing. I sold the rest of my fabrics with basically no profit at all just to get a chance for a fresh start with something new. I did license some of the old designs mainly to balance my economics a bit but other than that I wanted to start exploring entirely new avenues.

I had always been interested in nutrition so I decided to study nutritional sciences at the open university. I also wanted to explore business opportunities with something food related and came out with a set of natural teas with Finnish berries. It was very exciting to start with something new but as a small company with a small product assortment and even smaller budget it was difficult to get exposure. I also tried with dried powders of vegetables and herbs made of raw materials that would have otherwise gone to waste (for instance vegetables in "wrong" size and shape). I think this idea was great but unfortunately the outcome was the same as with teas. I hadn't enough resources to make my ideas into a profitable business. One more effort was creating my own affiliate network promoting Finnish companies with sustainable products but that didn't take off either. After many trials and so many dissapointments I had to start over once again... this time going back to square one. is my latest creation - giving me a chance to use my creativity again. After several years trying to give up designing completely I am back and this time with new attitude and enthusiasm. I am trying to combine everything I have learned through these years... working with minimal risks and sustainability in mind without forgetting the joy that colourful designs can bring to so many people.

Now my only hope is that people will find my webstore and give me a chance to continue with my design work and expand my business. I am not just aiming at success - I want to contribute and help people in need. The world needs more goodness and joy.

The story behind the colourful surface of SHALMIAK is filled with trials and fails, a lot of personal grief, dissapointments and loss -  but the most important thing is that this story will still continue...

Please stay tuned for news in the present and future...



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