Moving forward - story 4

Year 2017 finally showed a little hope for the better. I found a factory that could offer me quality fabrics. I worked with several wonderful influencers who sewed fabulous things with my fabrics and shared them on their social media channels. Past challenges were still causing trouble but I had faith that I could turn things around. I just had to work even harder and put everything on the line.

I was turning 40 years old and decided it was time to second guess all the choices and decisions I had made in my life. I had always thought that exhibiting at fairs would not be an option for me. With my social anxiety issues I could never stand in front of all those people and sell my creations. But now it was time to think what if... What if I could just dive in and take a chance?

In September 2017 was my first fair exhibition at Helsingin Kädentaitomessut. The sales were modest but the experience was tremendeous! And I was hinted that the yearly craft fair in Tampere is absolutely the best in regards to sales. So I decided to take another plunge and book a stand at Suomen Kädentaidot in November 2017.

SHALMIAK at Helsingin Kädentaitomessut

SHALMIAK at Helsingin KädentaitomessutMe at Helsingin Kädentaitomessut 2017.

SHALMIAK at Tampereen Kädentaitomessut
Me at Tampereen Kädentaitomessut 2017.

The fair in Tampere was a great success - in every aspect. The sales were good and I felt like a winner after making through such a big event with my lacking social skills. It was exhausting but also so much fun. I loved all the drive and energy at fairs - exhibitors not competing with each other but working together to make the event as memorable as possible for all customers.

In 2017 I certainly overdid myself and had trust in moving forward developing SHALMIAK. But how long could this positive development continue?

Stay tuned for more SHALMIAK stories...

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