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Yes, that is an option too!

SHALMIAK fabrics are produced in co-operation with *Caspar Create and we can warmly recommend them to anyone interested in creating custom fabrics!

At Caspar Create you can print your own designs and photos on a bunch of different materials and the minimum order quantity is only 1 meter! Now anyone can become a fabric designer! How cool is that?!

Caspar Create is also a great option for companies. Printing fabrics on demand is a great way to avoid the trouble of having big piles of fabrics laying around in storage. But rest assured Caspar Create can also handle larger orders.

Caspar Create uses sustainably sourced high-quality materials and prints with eco-friendly water-based inks. You can be sure that your prints will both look good and be environmentally conscious as well!

Caspar Create can also make readymade garments, home accessories and more - all produced under the same roof especially for you!

Visit *Caspar Create