Ups and flops - story 5

In 2017 I got excited about fairs and even though they caused me anxiety I couldn't resist putting myself out there again. It was a whole new world filled with fantastic new people, great experiences and so many emotions.

In 2018 I decided to make another try at Helsingin Kädentaitomessut in March and in June I took part in Ommel Espoo. These were great experiences but financially not very profitable. Even though I loved what I was doing I knew I had to start thinking about changes. There were a lot of competition in the field and I had to create something new - something that would stand out from the crowd.

Helsingin Kädentaitomessut 2018Helsingin Kädentaitomessut 2018.Helsingin Katajanokka 2018Stay at the Hotel Katajanokka during Helsingin Kädentaitomessut in 2018.

SHALMIAK at Ommel Espoo 2018
Ommel Espoo in 2018.

I was interested in sustainable fabrics and wanted to find something new - something that the market wasn't yet swamped with. I found Amni Soul Eco®, a sustainably produced biodegradable fabric. I loved this stretchy, silky and breathable material that was great for sportswear and according to my experience for all kinds of other garments as well.

I was very excited to present my new material at Suomen Kädentaidot in November 2018. I had fabrics and readymade leggings with me and hoped for a similar success as in 2017. However, it turned out that my customers weren't ready for this new material and this time the fair was financially a total flop. It made me quite dispirited. I had failed in my efforts to move forward but I didn't see going back as an option either. 

Suomen Kädentaidot 2018Suomen Kädentaidot 2018.

I was still expecting a new fabric delivery and wanted to have faith that these new designs would tempt my customers to experiment this new material. I loved this material! Why wouldn't my customers love it too?

What happened to SHALMIAK in 2019? Stay tuned for the next story...

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