Welcome to SHALMIAK stories - story 1

Welcome to SHALMIAK stories! Here we will share a bit more about us - who we are, how it all started and how the journey has been to where we are now. We will share secret moments of the past and glimps to our hopes for the future. Thank you for following SHALMIAK stories!

Some of you may already know a bit about the SHALMIAK brand but we will start with a little introduction.

SHALMIAK is me - Sari Ahokainen, 1977, based in Finland. In my youth I studied human sciences and graduated as an occupational therapist in 2001. However, I knew from the start that it wasn't the right profession for me. I like people but I am shy and I like to have my own space and work around my own schedule. I started with designing and hoped it could develop into something more than just a hobby over time.

At first my designs appeared for instance on rubber stamps, kitchen textiles, stationery and ceramics. But it wasn't until late 2012 when I designed my first fabrics that I had truly found my own niche. I started working with a bunch of fabric companies worldwide and designed a huge pile of colourful prints. I loved designing and all the people I worked with. Year 2013 was great in business. I had basically no previous experience with fabrics and my sewing skills were based on terrible trials at the elementary school - but suddenly the fabric world opened so many new doors and opportunities for me!

But a turning point was approaching... Want to know what happened next? Stay tuned for more SHALMIAK stories soon!

Welcome to SHALMIAK stories

Me and my boys in 2013. Boys are wearing RAINBOWPHANT - my first fabric print! I am wearing SCANDIFLY. Where have all these years gone...? These boys are 16 and 14 now, not eager to model in colourful outfits anymore :D.

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Just found You.
Madly inlowe.

Kerstin Gustavsson

Thanks for sharing your journey 🤗


As you know I love you🤣❤️👍🌻Don’t ever think about doing something else!

Jessica Eklund

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