It is finally time to start writing small stories about the backstage of SHALMIAK again... this time not dwelling in the past but focusing on the present and the future. Where are we - me and SHALMIAK - now?

SHALMIAK.shop has been running for a couple of years now but still working on the fundamentals... what is the main focus, what products to concentrate on, how to promote the brand and how to get noticed by a larger audience.

The last one is the most tricky one. How to get noticed as a little brand among billion dollar companies? It is a fact that SHALMIAK will never compete with prices. If you want cheap you can find it elsewhere. But if you are looking for something more unique SHALMIAK is a fantastic option. SHALMIAK aims to give you money's worth of high quality products, friendly service and a sunny mind.

SHALMIAK may not always reach 100% perfection but is honest and open about its production chain and strives constantly to improve.

I don't know how big companies work but I doubt there is no one dancing and smiling when a new order comes in. To me every order is a little triumph, a sign of hope and a reason to smile. I am excited to see where the order comes from, what was ordered and how the customer feels about the ordered products in the end. Every time I would love to see the final piece in action used by the customer!

Yes, that is a hint... please share feedback and pics! You can drop SHALMIAK an email and post on social media, tag SHALMIAK for instance on Instagram and be sure that your act is appreciated. Because in the end SHALMIAK is not only a business... it is a woman working on her passion and hoping to earn a living doing what she loves. As you may know the times are hard for many of us right now and SHALMIAK is not an exception.

Behind the colorful surface I face the challenge of keeping my brand as sustainable as possible. People should enjoy today but also care about tomorrow. That is why SHALMIAK strives to find more eco-friendly alternatives and focus on recycled and organic materials. But personally I think that sustainability also comes from buying only things you truly love and enjoying them to the fullest to the end of their life cycle.



Sari Ahokainen - Designer behind SHALMIAK


PS! My earlier SHALMIAK stories are now available for everyone to read. I suggest you start with Welcome to SHALMIAK stories - story 1.

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